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Welcome to Hoya-Blue

<img src="Hoya.png" alt="Blooming Hoya carnosa with pink flowers">

"Hoya-Blue is my passion project.  I’ve been in love with Hoyas forever."

Here at Hoya-Blue we believe that plants provide an essential connection between the natural world and your everyday life. Captivated by the clusters of porcelain-like flowers Hoyas produce, we quickly became passionate to share them with you! We strive to be a community for those who appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Growing Hoyas offer a lifetime of new perspectives to those who take the time to look. 


Whether you’re seeking a solution, buying a cutting, or just dropping by for a little inspiration, we welcome & thank you. 

<img src="Hoya.png" alt="Hoya pachylada umbels about to bloom">


Holly Culbreth

<img src="Hoya.png" alt="Hoya pachylada blooming yellow">

"My grandmother, Mary Jane, had an atrium that was full of the most wonderful plants.  It was warm, made me feel safe, and it was like I was taking a walk through the rain forest.  I can remember first seeing the blooming Krimson Queen Hoya that I named Estee.  The bloom was so delicate that I held my breath as I marveled at the intricate parts.  The small drops of nectar dripping down the stem as well as the overwhelming smell of chocolate was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.  Pieces of that plant have been passed down and propagated over the last 40 years to many members of the family.  It is something that I hold as a sacred treasure that reminds me of how our legacy can live on. 


Fast forward in time, I have spent years studying Hoyas and found that there are many varieties and variations, and I have a passion for propagation.  It is great fun to watch a stem or leaf take root and bring an entire new Hoya to life.  I recently moved into a house with an urban cultivator, and rather than growing micro-greens, I’ve started a Hoya farm.  


Since a young girl, I have named my Hoyas and created stories about them as they grow and change.  I look forward to sharing these stories with you as I build this Hoya-Blue community.  Thank you for contributing your precious time in this space as it will enhance the project and certainly add additional energy to the abundance that Hoyas provide."

<img src="hoya.png" alt="Leafy Hoya obovata in a pot">
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