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How to Get Your Hoya to Bloom!

Hoyas are one of the easiest houseplants to care for. If done correctly, they produce bundles of gorgeous star-shaped blooms. These waxy-looking flowers are oftentimes very fragrant, making the Hoya unique compared to other lush and leafy houseplants.

BUT Hoyas blooms can be very stubborn! Consider these 5 easy tips to wake up your plant’s lovely flowers!

1. Light

Your Hoya craves a lot of light! With not enough light, your Hoya will not bloom. But with too much light, the leaves will burn. Experiment and find a balance! Your plant needs bright light while still being protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays (just like you!) Hoyas tolerate low light but under these conditions will only produce foliage and no flowers, and we want those delicious blossoms! If your home is not blessed with north-facing windows, try pulling your Hoya 1-4 feet away from a window that gets a lot of direct sunlight!

2. Don't Deadhead!

Allow spent blooms to remain on the Hoya, new flowers emerge from these. When a plant is done blooming gently brush off petals or let them fall off naturally. The next season of blooms will grow from the spurs; take a look at what a spur looks like on my plant below!

3. Fertilizer

Another way to encourage your Hoya to bloom is to feed it regularly! There are many great balanced fertilizers out there for indoor plants. Just ensure that the fertilizer you have has low levels of all three chemicals: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). Phosphorus content specifically encourages blooming. Apply according to the instructions, and withhold in winter months.

4. Refrain From Repotting

Resist repotting your Hoya even as it matures. Hoyas thrive being in the same pot for years on end, if your plant is doing well in its current pot, avoid repotting. Root bound Hoyas can tend to bloom because they are not spending their energy producing new roots to fill extra space. The stress of being root bound is desirable for the plant and can trigger flowering!

5. Humidity

Hoyas are a naturally tropical plant and thrive under high humidity. Hoyas do well in areas with lots of moisture, such as kitchens or bathrooms. You can also mist your plant lightly 3 to 4 times a week with a spray bottle (avoid spraying directly on blooms!). Leaving a saucer with rocks and water below your plant will provide increasing humidity as the water evaporates! I use marbles that catch the sunlight beautifully, see below!

Other Tips!

Blooming can depend on the variety and maturity of your Hoya. Hoya carnosas can take years to mature enough for you to see blossoms whereas Hoya multiflora can bloom very early on, even as a cutting! Also, some varieties bloom year-round, while others are seasonal bloomers. Get to know your plant and find the right conditions to make it the happiest!


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