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Hoya Care For Anyone!

Grow a Hoya plant no matter the color of your thumb!

Water, Soil & Sun

The love language to any indoor plant!

Hoyas don’t need a lot of lovin’ so when you take these three conditions into consideration you’ll be on your way to growing a beautiful, lush Hoya plant!

Water: Dampen When Soil is Dry

Hoyas crave water, especially in the summer; when you water, water them thoroughly. However make sure that the pot they are in has a good drainage system because Hoyas are sensitive to overwatering. Sitting in a pool of water leads to root rot which will most likely cause the plant to die.

Feeling the top of the soil is a good way to predict if your plant needs a watering. If the soil is dry, go ahead and water it. If the soil is still damp, wait a few days and test it again.

If you forget to water, no worry! Hoyas would rather be too dry than too wet! Those thicker, succulent-lik

e leaves were made to withstand drought.

Hoyas do not need to be watered as often in the winter season. Plants go through a natural semi-hibernation in the colder months, using this time for restoration and rest. Because the plant is not growing as steadily, you can look to water every 3-4 weeks.

Soil: lighter & less dense

Again, because Hoyas do not like to sit in water, lighter and less dense soils allow drainage. My suggestions for soil include any of the following: orchid soil mixtures, peat moss and succulent or cactus mixes. The airy substance of these soils will allow the plant to intermittently dry out which makes for a happy Hoya!

You do not need to purchase special soil if it is inconvenient! Just plant your Hoya in a pot with drainage!

Sun: Bright, indirect light

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